Calls for Submissions – Magazine Fall 2017

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Calls for Submissions – The MOPS Magazine Fall Issue 2017

Submission Deadline: Friday, June 30 (600-900 word count) 

Love is Jesus’ weapon of choice; it’s how he heals broken relationships and sets captives free. However, the word “love” is used so loosely today that the true power it encompasses is sometimes lost on trivial and hollow ways: “I love that sweater” or an emoji happy face blowing a heart-shaped kiss. It’s not until we take time to understand who Jesus is and his heart for each one of us that we begin to experience the transformative power of his love. Old habits that hold us captive, lies that have defined us, schedules that have chained us – all can change when we now live in the truth that we are loved and loveable. The power of love residing in one soul affects not just that person, but can extend far beyond that family or neighborhood; love exceeds borders, government, red tape, and cultural and religious barriers. The most powerful weapon of all is love.

Topics to consider:


  • Describe an “aha” moment that released you from body shame and when you fully embraced yourself as beautiful.
  • Loving my body through cancer or a chronic illness.
  • Tell us the story or personal meaning of your tattoos.


  • Describe the most unlikely relationship/friendship you’ve had – the most uncommon bond.
  • Describe a long-distance friendship that you have or one that crosses cultural, geographic or spiritual boundaries.
  • Four simple ways to intentionally be a friend (e.g. write a quick postcard, text a bible verse, something that is thoughtful, but can be done in less than 5 minutes)


  • Four ways to help your kids be aware of other people’s needs.
  • Raising your kids differently than how your parents raised you (geographically, culturally, socioeconomically, disciplinary ways, etc).


  • Share a moment when you received forgiveness from either yourself or another person and the physical, emotional, spiritual healing that ensued.
  • How do we love our enemies? Share a story of how you’ve lived this out or seen it lived out.
  • Despite abuse, discrimination or neglect, share how you allowed love to remain the loudest voice throughout your trials.
  • How forgiveness led me to a life of activism.
  • Share your story of redemption found through an unplanned pregnancy, depression, abortion.


  • Share your favorite spot, time or routine that allows you to bask in the knowledge of how much God loves you.
  • How has global and cultural awareness been fostered for you and/or your family through school, work, mission trips, etc.
  • Describe a “tough love” experience.
  • Exploring God’s favor.
  • Speaking the truth in love. Examples of people who do this well.

How to submit
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Submission Process

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And Since You Always Ask

The MOPS Magazine doesn’t print material that has been previously posted or published. And just make sure it meets our editorial needs first. Because, again, we take those pretty seriously.

What About General Content?

Yes, we certainly accept general articles about parenting, mothering and woman-related issues. In fact, we’re always up for a good tear-jerker or one of those stories that gets us laughing. We welcome those submissions through the same submissions process, but we should tell you up front that since we’re a theme-based magazine and blog, we only publish a few.