The Gifts of Anger

Jackie Alvarez honestly

A wise person told me: The depth to which we feel our sorrow is the capacity for which we can experience joy. This was in the middle of a season where the realities of my life story and my personality …

Celebration Changed Me

Jackie Alvarez we love

Celebrating changed me. There was one night in particular. I had reached the end of an enormous accomplishment, and I wanted to throw a little get-together. It took ten years to finish my degree in Vocal Performance, and a decade …

I Was the Dork Who Took Latin

Jackie Alvarez we love

Hello, Dearest, In high school, I was rather dorky. I’ve learned to embrace this. (Read the chapter in Mindy Kaling’s memoir, Is Everyone Hanging Out without Me? (And Other Concerns) about not peaking in high school if you still look …


Brave Collective: Nashville

Jackie Alvarez brave collective

Traveling south from Nashville, Tennessee, the green hills are lined with white fences. It brings to mind gatherings around farm tables with home-cooked meals. The mood was set as Dalley Galuzzi, Jackie Alvarez and Mandy Arioto drove to meet Leah …


Brave Collective: NYC

Jackie Alvarez brave collective

We gathered in a second floor Long Island City apartment. It was a couple blocks from the waterfront and the first subway stop in Queens outside of Manhattan. We maneuvered the table into the living room so we could sit …


Brave Collective: Los Angeles

Jackie Alvarez brave collective

The sun in Los Angeles set slowly in brilliant displays of pinks and purples fading together almost imperceptibly behind a line of palm trees. We met in the afternoon to transform a small living room in unincorporated Los Angeles County …