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Submission Deadline: April 6, 2017

(600-900 word count)


The way we identify ourselves is not always the truth of who we really are. A great part of our identity lies in what we think about ourselves and the names we call ourselves. Identity can be deeply rooted in both positive and negative childhood experiences and by other people’s perception of us; sometimes based largely on physical characteristics such as race, age, height, weight. How we look on the outside or how we feel about ourselves may be what initially identifies us, but who we are stems from deep down inside; embodying how our creator fearfully and wonderfully made our souls, and affirms that we are each uniquely designed to live in purpose.

Article Ideas:


  • Power of naming things – how names we speak over our children (shy, strong-willed, difficult) can affect them.
  • Names you identify with and why? (daughter, mother, childhood nicknames, names we give our children, negative name/positive names, American)


  • I would love to be ______ for a day? (you name it – a famous person, someone you look up to, a certain type of personality, animal, etc.)
  • Share with us something new you discovered about yourself (or your kiddo) – unexpected, funny, unusual. Share your most unique characteristic, quality, habit, ritual.

Photo Essay/Journal:

  • I am fearfully and wonderfully made – a photo essay
  • These are the women I come from – a generational photo journal and essay on my generational legacy
  • Your true identity is a wonderful journey of discovery. Share A Day in the Life Of You (or your kiddos) in a photo journal/essay format


  • When you’re both daughter & mother
  • Making peace with all my roles/identities (mom, wife, sister, friend, coworker, kind, angry).
  • In a culture that focuses and speaks a lot into “girl power,” how do you reinforce the beauty and importance of being a boy – son, brother

Roots of Identity (Physical, Family of Origin – adoption, race/cultural, communities, familial/traditions, stereotypes)

  • Stereotypes are a real thing when it comes to speaking into our identity. Explain how they have positively or negatively impacted you.
  • Physical characteristics (race, weight, age) are a part of your identity. Share your best physical characteristic or how a once-believed negative physical characteristic turned into a positive.
  • As a woman or family of color, living in a “color blind world” doesn’t exist. Share some truths and myths of living as a person/family of color/blended.
  • Physical identity to your family is a big component of your identity and often taken for granted. As an adoptee or adoptive parent, how do you handle the absence of sharing physical identity within your family or personal history?
  • Tell us about a great influencer (people, places, a definitive moment) in your life that has contributed to shaping who you are today

Passions and Vocations (working mom, homeschooling mom):

  • Stepping into my calling
  • Vocational calling


  • Being a cultural leader – how to raise your voice well as a woman and mother to influence society for the better


  • Three practical steps in how to rediscover your sense of self
  • Describe a watershed moment when you were faced with “Who am I?”
  • Four ways to embrace who you are and live out your unique self and calling
  • “Here” is where I feel most at home/comfortable in my own skin – places, traditions, people, communities, etc.

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