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Hello Mama,

To be honest, my family has been in a season filled with teenager angst clouded by my own insecurity. I’ve been putting up a smokescreen pretending like I know what I’m doing. Taking off the mask and stepping back, I’ve finally raised both of my hands in a posture of surrender. My first-born is now a teenager and I have no clue how to navigate parenting an adolescent. Most days, I have no idea whether I am the root cause or if her hormones are determining her mood swings, tone of voice, distance from her siblings and unwillingness to wake up in the morning.

I have a wise mom friend, a survivor of adolescent parenting with four incredible adult children as proof of her wisdom and God’s mercy, and she continues to win at life with two more amazing teenagers and a five-year-old thriving at home. She reminded me, that even in this difficult season, to remember who my daughter was prior to adolescence. She is still the same little girl – radiant, unafraid, goofy, cuddly, intelligent, longing to please both her mom and dad. Foolishly, I’ve forgotten that’s who she is, who God created her to be, regardless of her hormones or the effects of my lack-luster parenting over the past 14 years.

At the end of our conversation, my wise friend used this word to describe my daughter: exceptional. I am thankful for my friend’s suggestion to remember who my little girl was before adolescence, and it fills my mama heart to remember that is who she still is today. Yes, my child is quite exceptional. Remember – yours is, too!


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