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Hello Momma,

The last couple of weeks at MOPS have been a cyclone of hustle and bustle with the release of the new theme, Free Indeed, the launch of our new MOPS logo and magazine name, and an incredible night of fashion at our Darling! Fashion Fundraiser. With all this swirling around, I didn’t even realize that Easter, the Super Bowl of Christian holidays, is less than a week away.

I wonder if some of you are bystanders, merely observing friends, family or neighbors participating in rituals like waving palm branches, fasting, attending late night or sunrise services. Does it all seem too bizarre for you? If so, can I be so bold as to invite you to take a step closer – not to be manipulated into religion or into writing a check for something, but to make an introduction to Jesus.

The church declares that Jesus is the way and the truth and believes that he died for you, simply because he loved you. Not even death could hold him back from you. Jesus came back to life to bring hope and the promise that death would never have the final say. What do you think, outrageous claims or compelling truth? Whether you’re in complete disbelief or utter reverence, we invite you to step closer this week in your own way. And we pray that you’ll meet Jesus there when you do.


Jinny + The MOPS Magazine Team

With Love

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Have You Seen This?

What do you think of our new MOPS look? We wanted to create a logo that was a better reflection of who we are and where God is leading us. We wholeheartedly believe that better moms make a better world, and we sought to establish a brand that signifies unity, strength and beauty, just like the moms we serve all around the world.

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That’s it for this week.

With love,

The MOPS Magazine Team