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Hello Mama,

In honor of Election Day, I thought I’d share this with you:

Did you know that it was a mother who saved suffrage and passed the 19th Amendment? Harry Burn was a representative from East Tennessee and his mother, Phoebe Ensminger Burn, sent a note to her son in the midst of the heated debate which stated, “be a good boy and help … put the ‘rat’ in ratification.” The 19th amendment was ratified on August 18, 1920, and guaranteed all American women the right to vote.

(Read the full article here: The mother who saved suffrage)

As mamas, we sometimes feel as if our influence is so minimal in the midst of changing diapers, nursing babies, carpooling kiddos and wiping snotty noses. Today, be reminded and assured that you are truly an activist engaging in a movement that affects generations. It will make standing in the voting line with your littles completely worth it today!


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We hope you know the impact you can make is greater than you could ever imagine.


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“There will be a million more times for me to fail you and a million more times for us to rebuild. A million more times for you to learn you are stronger than you thought and wiser than you knew.” Read more.

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