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The last I heard, 11 trillion gallons of rain have fallen on the state of Texas. I’ve watched videos of mamas wading through water holding their crying babies on their shoulders and elderly people sitting helplessly in wheelchairs as flood waters rush past them. As the realities of Hurricane Harvey play out on the TV, I’ve also seen law enforcement officers tirelessly knocking on countless doors to evacuate residents, neighbors who are unable to leave offering up their homes and food to others who are also stranded, and rescue teams arriving from various states to assist the people of Houston.

In this time of crisis, I am encouraged to see neighbor helping neighbor and I am continually blown away by the generosity and courage of the human spirit where one would least expect it. As we watch Houston over the next couple of days endure Hurricane Harvey, may we keep them in our prayers and be reminded to love our neighbor today.


Jinny + The MOPS Magazine Team


Lights, Camera, Action!

Let MOPS show you off! Submit your favorite MOPS images to share with our audience on Facebook, Instagram and The MOPS Magazine and blog.

Here are the type of pictures we need from you: candid, lifestyle photos depicting your daily motherhood journey. Images should be at least 1400 pixels wide.

Please submit all pictures to photos@mops.org with the subject line: MOPS Social Images. Within the email, please include your first and last name, email and Facebook and Instagram information if applicable.

Westminster MOPS

Tana Kurz – Rapid City, South Dakota


Hopkinton MOPS

Emily Struzik – A quintessential New England play date

Have You Seen This?

It’s been so exciting to check out all the clever ways our MOPS groups are gearing up for their first Freed Indeed meetings! Thank you for all your time spent planning and your open heart welcoming moms into a community of world changers and boo-boo healers!


Need they say more?

Savor the Last Bit of Summer 

Allow all the labels and expectations to fall off you and rest in the knowledge that you are enough! Keep an eye out for the summer issue of The MOPS Magazine.


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