Moms are the most powerful creatures on the planet. We are the ones influencing the smallest details of people’s day, but also the trajectory of generations. When moms are resourced, when moms are elevated, when moms are educated, when moms are empowered to do what they are meant to do in the world, everyone is better because of it.

When Moms are Resourced ...

Mama Meetups

Your instant connection
to community

Mama Meetups™ are your instant connection to community - mom friends at your fingertips. Stay in your tired yoga pants, or dial in on your commute home from work. Bring your good, bad and ugly – we want it all, because there’s a group of moms who get you and need you, just waiting to hear about your day. They’ll bring you back into the light of God’s goodness, and remind you that you are never alone. It’s time to log back into the abundant life, because it’s the one you deserve.

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