4 Rules on Wearing Shorts

Ashley Lundgren

It’s summer! And oh so many reasons to put on those shorts and head outside! Here are a few tips on how to find the best short for you!""

  • Be aware of the cuff size on your shorts. This also needs to be proportioned with how long your legs are: a large cuff on a petite woman can be overwhelming, as a small cuff on a tall woman can get lost and become obsolete.


An incorrect fit can make anyone look larger.

  • Make sure the shorts fit just right — if you wear them a little big it will make you look larger than you are. Additionally, if you wear them a little too tight it can create the same effect … so the correct fit is key!
  • One thing I recommend to all my mommy clients is to choose a mid-rise short, that will give your bottom the coverage you need while on the floor playing with the little ones or bending over to pick up your tot (there is nothing worse than undies hanging out the top of your shorts).""
  • Jean or cargo shorts can be perfect for the park or around the house with ballet flats and a cute t-shirt! (I’m loving the scripted t-shirts from Evereve #momlife)