5 Easy DIY Costumes for your Little Ones

Kelsey Lasher

As the seasons change and temperatures drop, our kids will probably be doing a lot more playing indoors. It can be tricky to keep them occupied, but dress up is always a fun idea! Here are 5 easy DIY costume ideas to update their options using things you probably already have in your house! 

DIY Robot Costume:

If your house is anything like mine, then you’ve got a hefty collection of cardboard piling up. Why not take those boxes, cut out some holes for little feet, arms, and smiles, and hand them over to your kids? You can give them some silver paint to transform the brown cardboard into sleek metal and some stickers to place wherever they want to act as the robot buttons. This one is an art project and a costume all in one! 

DIY Unicorn Costume:

Create some magic for your little ones by turning them into unicorns for the afternoon. For each costume, grab a headband, a piece of paper, and some ribbon, and watch the magic unfurl. First, roll the paper into a cone shape and then attach it to the headband. Next, take those ribbons and tuck them in the waistband of your little ones’ pants to create tails. Last, spend a minute or two brainstorming the perfect unicorn names together and then watch their imaginations run wild! 

Princess Costume:

Do you have a corner of your closet that’s inhabited by all of those bridesmaids’ dresses you spent hundreds of dollars on and only wore once? Why not get a little more bang for your buck and hand them over to your kids to play dress-up? They’ll feel as fancy as can be, and you’ll gain another few feet of closet space! It’s a win all around! 

DIY Friendly Monster:

An old pair of pajamas, a worn-out sweat suit, really any item of clothing that has seen better days will do for this costume. Gather up whatever old clothes you want and then grab a handful of art supplies-things like googly eyes, pipe cleaners, fabric scraps, felt, or ribbon and attach it to the clothing in any way that you like! Does your friendly monster have twenty eyes? Those would look great on the hood! How about soft, colorful spots? Perfect! Glue them on anywhere you would like! What about some fuzzy stripes? The pipe cleaners would be perfect for that! By the time it’s done, this monster costume will be so cute that your kids won’t even mind if it ends up lurking under their bed. 

Unbaa-lievable Sheep Costume:

Do you have a little animal lover in your house? Then this is the costume for you! You’ll need a white shirt/ sweat suit/pajamas, some cotton balls, and a headband or hat if you want to add a headpiece to this. Simply take the cotton balls and attach them to the clothing, creating a soft, wooly effect. Do the same to the hat. You could even attach felt ears if you’d like! Lastly, paint the tip of your little sheep’s nose black using some eyeliner or a washable marker. EWE won’t believe how adorable this will turn out!  

Outdoor play might be limited as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, but there’s no need for imagination to take a break! Let your kids play and pretend in these fun costumes that won’t break the bank or wear them to any fall festivals you might be attending! 

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