5 Reasons to go to MOMCON

The MomCo Staff

MOMCON, organized by MomCo by MOPS International, isn’t your average mom gathering; it’s an all-the-feels celebration of motherhood that meets you right where you are, stretchy pants, mini vans and all! Whether you’re a newbie mom or a pro, here are five fantastic reasons why you should clear your schedule for MOMCON in Denver, CO, Oct. 3-5, 2024. 

Mom-Tastic Meetups 
Imagine MOMCON as the ultimate playdate for moms, where you can connect with women who totally get the post-partum grow out and extra-emotional threenagers. The friendships you make here might just be stronger than your morning coffee. 

Encounter Jesus  
These sessions provide a safe and supportive environment to take the next step on your faith journey and deepen your connection with Jesus. You will be surrounded by friends who are willing to sit with you in the hard and celebrate with you in victory.  

Rest From the Routine 
MOMCON is your golden ticket to take a moment away from the daily work of motherhood and enjoy extraordinary moments of refueling. You get a few days of glorious freedom to do whatever you want –sleeping through the night, going potty (all by yourself) in peace, and eating entire meals without having to get out of your seat one single time. It’s your mom vacation, and it’s glorious! 

No Mom Guilt Zone 
At MOMCON, the “mom guilt” phrase is a big no-no. You can leave the guilt, along with your dirty laundry, at home. Nobody will judge you for snacking on candy for breakfast or the much-needed healing that might come with a good cry. No mom police here! 

Explore Your Wild Side 
MOMCON isn’t just about motherhood; it’s about celebrating YOU. You can let your hair down, get a little fancy and dance the night away at MOMCON Prom. It’s a chance to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your wild side! 
We know it takes a tremendous amount of planning and logistics to get out the door for three days, but it is going to be so worth it. At the end of this weekend, you will feel different. You will have encountered Jesus, and you will feel refreshed with new ideas and energy for your family! 
Let’s get this party started!  

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