A Conversation with JJ Heller

The Hello Dearest Team

Hello, Darling had the opportunity to chat with musician extraordinaire and mom-of-two JJ Heller this past week, and learn a little more about her music, her family and, of course, her favorite beauty product! JJ has also generously donated a song download to be included in this year’s MOPS Membership. Read on to find out more about this incredible gal, her music and her newest projects (hint: they are things your kids are gonna love!).

HD: What is your very most-favorite beauty product?

JJ: It would probably have to be POREfessional Agent Zero Shine face powder. My face tends to get shiny (totally NOT my favorite), so this face powder really helps.

HD: What are three words your friends use to describe you?

JJ: Thoughtful, kind and creative.

HD: So I’ve got this photo of your adorable family – can you tell me a little about them?

JJ: My husband Dave and I have the unique opportunity to travel the country, share the stage and write songs together. People often marvel at the amount of time we spend together without driving each other insane! I attribute it to God’s foresight in putting the two of us together. Don’t get me wrong, we have our moments, but for the most part we genuinely enjoy each other’s company. With the lullaby album already in the works, Dave had the idea to create a bedtime story to go with it! The two of us wrote The Golden Feather, hired our extremely talented friend, Luke Flowers, to illustrate it, and then published it ourselves. It’s a story about a little girl whose mother asks what she will dream when she falls asleep. The answer takes readers on an enchanting adventure. The last pages of the book are my favorite! The little girl says, “My mommy listens closely, like mommies always do. She says, ‘When I’m asleep tonight, My Love, I’ll dream of you!’”

Another fun fact about the book: our illustrator hid a bunny in the environment of every picture. Kids are really loving the hunt for hidden bunnies!

HD: What are you most excited about with the launch of this new album and book?

JJ: I’m thrilled that we’re meeting a need that we know is there. When we create a new record, it’s a collection of songs that mean a lot to us, almost like a diary of our recent past. We hope that our listeners will be able to relate to those songs.

In the case of this new record and book, moms were already asking us for bedtime material. To be honest, we thought it would be a boring project, but as soon as we began working in the studio, we began to fall in love with every single track. I feel like there’s something really special about this record and book. Of course, I’m a little biased.

HD: JJ, thanks so much for taking the time to chat. Our readers are going to love getting to know you and your music better (I know I have!).

JJ: Thanks for the great questions! I’m so excited to get more involved with the MOPS community. You all seem like a really special group of women.

Have you heard JJ’s music yet? Take a listen! For a short time JJ is giving away her entire “Deeper” album along with 2 of the tracks on her lullaby album (the full album will be released on April 29th). Connect with JJ on Facebook and Twitter @jjheller.

If you had the opportunity to ask JJ Heller any question, what would you ask her? (We’ll see if she just might respond to a few of these!)