Amanda: A MOPS Story

Amanda Torres

MOPS has saved my sanity over nine years (and four states)! I love my MOPS group and the women who are in it. It’s been such a blessing! So, I started thinking about ways to form deeper friendships with some of these women. I thought about attending a small group at church, but none fit my schedule or life stage. I thought about starting a Supper Club, but that may not go deep enough. Then, I attended MOMcon!

I was sitting in MOPS Volunteer Training when I heard about the new ways MOPS was reaching out to women: M Collectives and M Meetups. As soon as I looked at the Fierce Love Collective workbook, I knew this would be perfect for a small group I could host. When I returned home, I did a quick Facebook announcement and I soon had five women who wanted to join me on this journey!

Out of the six women (including myself), four of us were from my local MOPS group. Another friend I met through homeschooling. Her kids are older and she’s never been a part of a MOPS group. My other friend doesn’t have children, but she still wanted to check it out. Even though she isn’t a mom, she identified with so much of the topic.

We are six weeks into our study, and we just shared our stories. It was so inspiring to hear each testimony of struggles and triumphs, and to realize just how much we have in common. It’s amazing how God brings people from different directions and life stages into a group, and how it ends up being a perfect fit. I couldn’t have hand-picked any people who would have fit more beautifully.

I am so thankful that MOPS decided to offer the M Collective. It’s given me the opportunity to form the deeper relationships I was craving, and it’s given me a deeper understanding of my emotions and myself. It will be bittersweet to finish our book in two more weeks, but we will all be anxiously awaiting the next one!

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