An Interview with RedLetterWords

Hello Dearest

Hello, Dearest recently had the opportunity to catch up with Dee Kasberger, Artist and Designer forRedLetterWords. We got the inside scoop on how her company was born, creating art and a whole lot more about Dee!

How did you get the idea for RedLetterWords?

We had just moved into a new house, and I needed some large wall art.  I wanted something meaningful and something helping tell the story of our family and what mattered to us.  My husband was a photographer, and we had lots of family pictures on the wall. To go along with all of our family photos, I used our favorite Scriptures and started creating.  The name RedLetterWords comes from the red letter editions of the Bible that have the words Jesus spoke written in red.

What are three words your friends use to describe you?


Generous, faithful, fun.

If you could put a “title” to this chapter in your life, what would it be?

Correcting and Re-Directing. We have teenagers!

What’s your favorite part about creating art?

Creating something meaningful and beautiful. Something you can hang in your home and be encouraged every time you walk past is a privilege that I don’t take lightly.

We love that so much of your artwork has a “Behind the Design” story. Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the design of your newest set, She Smiled …

Change is a strange thing. I rarely welcome it with open arms, yet I constantly find myself asking, what’s next? I really didn’t feel lead in any specific direction with RedLetterWords. Until now.

Our oldest daughter is getting ready to graduate high school, so with every person that asks her, “What are your plans after graduation?” I get asked the compulsory “How are you doing with Katy leaving the nest?” (As if my emotions aren’t already running rampant!) Sometimes I get sad thinking about how our family is changing. Sometimes I get super excited about the endless possibilities in my daughter’s bright future, and how proud of her I am.

And if I’m being honest, sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I think to myself that I couldn’t have possibly taught or prepared her for everything she needs to know. There is still so much I have to tell her, and time is running out before she’s off.

But mostly I ponder.

I love that word, ponder. It’s more than just a passing thought – it’s the sum of my thinking and feeling and remembering. I ponder at the good things God has done during the last 18 years, and I can’t help but smile. From the time Katy was growing in my belly, through every sleepless night, through all the firsts of childhood and the roller coaster of growing up – God was there. Always.

Like so many of us, Katy is in the middle of a season of change. Change can be scary, but one of the best gifts we have is the ability to look back, look around and look ahead.

And as I look ahead for her, I smile, because I know … The best really is yet to come.

RedLetterWords is giving away She Smiled, a set of three café mounts. Each Cafe Mount Art Print is printed on archival fine art paper with the matte-est of matte finishes.  It has a smooth texture that is soft to the touch and is mounted onto a 3/4 inch standout mount board with black edging.