The Healing Art of the Ocean

Codie Scott

I recently did a beautiful turtle maternity painting on one of my MOPS mom friends and wanted to share it. This one was really special to me. Heidi happened to love turtles, and every time I think of sea turtles I think of my dad. He was a fishing boat captain for a number of years and loved the beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the open ocean. He would send me amazing pictures of sea turtles and beautiful evenings on the water. His boat capsized in April 2013 and took the lives of three crew members, leaving only one survivor. I painted this for her, but it was for me too.  I wish I could show him what I am doing now with my art; he always supported me. I miss him still almost five years later.

Codie Scott Maternity Artwork 1

I remember that first week crying in my MOPS group.  How my group just surrounded me! The MOPS Mentor said that the pain never really goes away; it changes and will become less, then come again. But that I would be OK and that I will go on. And I have. I am so grateful for the woman I have met and the strength I now have because of them. So, I guess “thank you” for that too, because MOPS is amazing. I know without a shadow of a doubt I would not be where I am right now without MOPS.

Codie Scott Maternity Artwork 2

Codie Scott Maternity Artwork 3

Codie Scott is from the WABASH Church in the MOPS Washington group. Check out more of her artwork at: