Call for Submission – May 2017 Blog

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May 2017 Blog – Change 

Submission Deadline: Due Date: April 28
(600-900 word count) 

Change is inevitable; regardless if we welcome it with open arms or fight it off with clenched fists, it happens. How we choose to engage with change can determine a situation’s outcome: positive or negative, growth or decline. We have an audience of littles watching how we adapt. God models change for us through daily rhythms of night and day and the changing of the seasons, but have we truly learned how to deal with and process the changes happening in our own lives?

Article Ideas:

  • My greatest misconceptions about motherhood.
  • If you could bottle an age or season of your child’s life forever, what would it be and why?
  • Change in the midst of standing still.
  • Name the change(s) in life that you desperately try to avoid, put off or pray will never occur (children leaving home, moving, death of a parent, sending kids off to school).
  • Things that stand the test of time through all seasons/years/trials. Name something you’ve held on to (tangible or intangible) or something in your life that has always remained steady.
  • Availability – different seasons can determine where we spend our time and how or if we make ourselves available.
  • Body – our kids going through adolescence.
  • Body – changing physical characteristics about yourself that you don’t like (how far is too far?).
  • Three ways to know when to embrace those unflattering characteristics of who you are or when to seek out help to change them?
  • Celebrating and mourning change.
  • Accepting changes in relationships (friendships) or social life (community).
  • Change in role as mother/wife to caretaker of ailing parent(s).
  • Living with chronic pain/illness has transformed my life.
  • Photo essay of exploring the ever-changing daily life of motherhood.
  • Foster care to adoption – either as a parent or as a child.
  • The adoption process.
  • How have the changes in your own community – development, new families, commerce shaped you and/or your family?

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