Call for Submissions: Fall 2016 Magazine

The MOPS Team


In a culture that is exceedingly self-seeking and hostile, independence and self-reliance are the touchstones of success while vulnerability and kindness are considered signs of weakness.

But imagine a world without kindness. It would be a miserable, measly existence. Kindness can be extremely vulnerable. It links us to others and to the world – dictating our inherent need for one another. Kindness demands the unseen be seen and the small moments celebrated.

Even the tiniest act of altruism can create a powerful, guttural ripple effect – cause wars to cease, gaping heart wounds to heal and lives to be transformed. But oftentimes kindness is the last thing on our mind until we encounter a stranger’s smile or a word of encouragement in a moment of doubt. It’s not always a natural characteristic, it’s a muscle we must work to strengthen.

How can we seek out compassion in ourselves and show kindness to others in a culture that is seething with distrust? How could kindness transform the world in which we are raising our children, and the manner in which we raise them? Could kindness make us more open-hearted, loving people?

This fall we explore kindness.

Here are some article ideas:

  • Physical/Health Benefits of Kindness (expert voice)
  • Simple Ways to Show Yourself Kindness
  • “Don’t model it, embody it.” How to Embody Kindness for Kids
  • When You Don’t Feel Like Being Kind
  • 5 Unconventional Ways to Spread Kindness
  • Teaching Empathy to Our Children
  • 50 Random Acts of Kindness
  • Psychology of Kindness
  • The Uncomfortability and Vulnerability of Kindness
  • How suffering can open our hearts and make us kinder people
  • When kindness isn’t welcomed or recieved
  • Stories of receiving kindness when you were with your kids
  • 5 Ways in Which Kindness Is Bigger Than a Mood
  • The Art of Neighboring
  • Being kind when you don’t understand someone or something – how seeking understanding leads to the purest form of kindness.
  • How to be kind when you say no
  • When your child is the bully
  • Mindfulness & being kind to yourself
  • Sometimes we are most unkind to those who are closest to us – when proximity dilutes kindness.
  • Stop the Mom Judging – How to Care for Our Mom Tribe
  • Research has shown that kindness is glue to relationships – 5 Unconventional Ways to Show Kindness to Your Spouse
  • We always love a good laugh or a tearjerker!

Submission Deadline – June 16, 2016

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