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Submission Deadline: October 23, 2017

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Live Out Loud

Lately, does it feel like the only voices heard across social media and news platforms are simply the angry or the fringe minority? How do we have loud bold voices that speak truth without sounding like the rest of the angry voices around us? Risking your voice to be heard can come at a price (alienated from the socially “acceptable” or excluded from family or other inner circles), and even just living out loud seems to attract uninvited naysayers and opposition. So, how do you boldly live out loud in truth without leaving hardened hearts, but instead leaving love in the wake of truth?

  • I unplugged from social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) because it was hardening my heart.
  • Four ways I bring hope and light into my social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).
  • I stood up for what I believed in and risked the consequences.
  • I found a new community when I finally spoke up.
  • Love won you over. Share a time when you were strongly opposed to something, but by love shown to you, your mind was changed.
  • My husband (or my family) and I have differing opinions on parenting or faith and here are three ways we navigate it.
  • The Holiday Debate: who and where are we celebrating? Four practical ways to help navigate holiday logistics.
  • Share about a time where saying nothing had the greatest effect on a person or situation.
  • How I found my filter.
  • Living a quiet life has been my loudest voice.
  • Navigating the conversation and heart of my child whose classmate is gay.
  • Coming to terms with my own anger, bias or prejudice.
  • Four tips on social media etiquette.
  • Three ways to introduce hard conversations with your kids.
  • My dilemma on school choice for my child.
  • Finding peace in unresolved or messy conversations with my teenager, neighbor or friend.

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(600-900 word count)

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