Call for Submissions: The MOPS Magazine Summer Issue

MOPS International

We are seeking a wide variety of content, especially distinct forms, for the upcoming issue of our magazine. We highly value unique perspectives or novel thought processes with a diversity of voices and experiences as well as variations in content lengths. Unique forms and perspectives will have a better chance of being published.

Please visit our Writer’s Guidelines at and submit to: Please put “magazine submission” in the subject line of your email.

Deadline: Monday, April 12, 2021


  • Essay or narrative (word count: 600-800)
  • How-to (word count: 600-800)
  • Social experiment – I tried ________ for 30 days (word count: 600-1000)
  • Satire/humor (word count: 400-800)
  • Opinion (word count: 400-800)
  • Poetry or fiction shorts (word count: 300-800)
  • Original art — watercolor, graphic design, hand lettering, cartoon, photography, etc. (finalized art CMYK 8.75×11.25 300dpi, art concepts or works in progress can be submitted in any format)


  • What is something that has been instrumental in helping you find your power?
  • What is something you are embracing about yourself that has led to greater freedom in your life?
  • Have you ever given up social media for a period of time? Write about what you learned from that experiment.
  • Write about a time when you asked for what you wanted or what you needed.
  • How has practicing vulnerability been powerful in your life?
  • Write about fear in a way we haven’t heard before.
  • Tell a story about bringing something from out of the darkness and into the light in your life.
  • How has someone empowered you? Or how have you empowered others: your partner, your kid(s), your community, yourself?
  • Tell a story about the power of forgiveness in your life.
  • Write a poem about darkness and light.