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Sometimes, we believe that our motherhood is a constraint that limits what we can do in this life. We settle into the routine of our daily, mundane tasks and forget that we are one brave decision away from reclaiming our joy, strength and courage. But this will require some work. As moms, we’ve got grit written into our DNA, which means we have what it takes to fight discouragement and fear to take part in God’s beautiful plan for each of us. Often we wait for all the right details to come into place before we act, but this is our invitation to stop waiting and get to it. Meaningful work awaits.

  • The science of joy – explain the brain chemistry of joy and resilience.
  • Being comfortable in your own skin (physically, mentally, season in life, etc.) and the cultural expectations you’ve had to challenge in order to do so.
  • Trusting your gut: describe a time when your mother’s intuition proved you right.
  • Share how self-love without self-accountability is not actually self-love at all. Instances of when the #treatyourself movement is helpful, and when it is not.
  • Dear Expecting Mama: an open letter to the mom who is pregnant with her first.
  • Myths about being an unmarried mom.
  • Describe something you once believed to be true about mental health, but now you realize isn’t. The patience needed to unlearn something.
  • What glass ceiling or cultural expectation have you broken through as a woman and/or mother?
  • 4 practical tips on how to clear out the clutter + visual noise in your home.
  • What was the response from your faith community when you decided to go back to work after having a child?
  • How to raise resilient kids. Cultivating emotional + mental wellness in our children.
  • Share cultural traditions/markers in your child’s life that you celebrate as a family.
  • Marriage: Is the 7-year itch a real thing? How to avoid (or climb out of) a marital slump.
  • A unique approach to positive parenting, with specific examples (e.g. instead of this, say this).
  • What does it mean to hear from God? Unique ways you encounter the divine.
  • As someone who deals with anxiety, share some practical “To Dos” and “Don’t Dos” that have been useful for you.
  • 4 important things to know before telling your employer you are pregnant.
  • 7 tips for negotiating maternity leave.
  • The perfect recipe for a fun date with your girlfriends.
  • What was the bravest invitation you ever accepted or extended?
  • 5 ways to skip the small talk; conversation prompts/thought-provoking questions for those who hate small talk.
  • The psychology of colors in your wardrobe (e.g. if you want to feel bold, wear red.)
  • 5 essential diaper bag items no one told you that you needed.
  • “Fighting” on social media is not helpful, what are some useful ways to channel your “fight” that actually ignite helpful change? (Or, how to be part of the solution, not the problem.)
  • What does God expect from us when it comes to fighting injustice?
  • How have you incorporated your children into your spiritual walk, daily spiritual routine? Practical tips for devo times together, etc.
  • The long, slow road to building a new habit.
  • Play/activities for different ages of kids.
  • The benefits of getting out of your comfort zone as a family, and practical ideas for trying new (scary) things together.