Call for Submissions – Fall 2019

MOPS International

MOPS is currently seeking pieces on the following subjects:

Practical Tips

  • Activities to do with your kids
  • Decluttering 101 – arranging the pantry, sorting baby clothes, etc.
  • How you found your people
  • How you document your child’s milestones

How and when do I talk to my child about difficult topics?

  • School shootings
  • 9/11
  • Stranger danger
  • Sexual abuse
  • Sex
  • Social Media/pornography


  • Single mom point of view
  • Working mom point of view


  • How you found your girlfriends
  • The comparison game
  • The importance of girlfriends


  • Pursuing your God-size dreams
  • Your identity beyond motherhood


  • Any piece that makes us chuckle


Submission Information:

Deadline: ongoing
600-700 word count

How to Submit

Send us your piece and short bio and headshot (iPhone photo works) to:

For more information about the tone of our materials and our submission process, read our writer’s guidelines. (NOTE: We take these very seriously, so it’s important you take a peek before submitting.)

Submission Process

Just so you know, all articles are received on speculation. Regretfully, we are unable to respond to all submissions when they are received. However, if your article is selected for publishing, we will email you a submission agreement and the date we will be publishing.