Call for Submissions – January 2020

MOPS International Spotlight


Wordcount: 400-800, Word document
Submit to:
Writer’s Guidelines


  • Any piece that makes us chuckle


  • How to make mom friends
  • The mom friend I wish I had


  • Fresh ideas on how you reach out to the community (perspective of mom, family, MOPS group or church)
  • 4 questions you can ask to go deeper

Practical Tips:

  • How do you document or mark your child’s milestones?
  • How do I get my child to sleep in his own bed?
  • Activities to do with your kids (infant, toddler, elementary, pre-teen)
  • How do you spend quality time together with your kids when you have significant age gaps?
  • 4 mom rules for social media/cell phones
  • 3 things you’re reclaiming in 2020

Just so you know, all articles are received on speculation. Regretfully, we are unable to respond to all submissions when they are received. However, if your article is selected for publishing, we will email you a submission agreement and the date we will be publishing.