Chemo Angels

Mikkee Hall

The call to Be you, Bravely is concurrently empowering and intimidating. We get that. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start or identify exactly what is calling our hearts toward doing something brave. If you’re not sure what brave thing to do this year maybe it’s about slowing down to listen to your heart, or maybe it’s about trying out a few things, because sometimes it takes getting involved before we know we’re passionate. For those of you in the second category, we’ll be highlighting organizations doing impactful things in the world with opportunities to dip your toe in, getting involved right from your home. (For those of you in the first category, we hope you’ll follow us along in The Brave Collective and that the journeys of other women will inspire and orient you in your own calling.)

This month, we’re highlighting . It is an organization dedicated to providing support to chemo patients of all ages. change lives in the profound moments of grief and struggle when someone is facing their greatest battle – fighting cancer. Come learn more about their brave work and how your family could impact a stranger’s life.

Here’s to brave!

I was 25 when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I had so many emotions and fears rolling around my head and heart. I have been cancer free for 12 years now, and when I look back on my cancer journey, it isn’t the fear I remember.

I remember the love pouring over me through notes and cards and encouragement I received from friends and family. What impacted me most were cards from strangers who heard from friends of friends that I was ill. I still have the notes from precious strangers who took a few minutes to send me encouragement, to remind me I was not alone in my fight. Those well-wishes came from all around the United States, England, India and Australia! They seemed to arrive at just the right moment on the days I felt most fearful or discouraged, and when I most needed a smile. Those notes turned a painful moment in my life and shone joy and love to those difficult steps. This is why I volunteer as a Chemo Angel.

What was the inspiration behind ?

Laura Armstrong started as a stay-at-home mom to three boys, in memory of her father who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. But it really started in an organic way. She met a woman during her IV chemo treatment, asked for her address, and began sending her notes and packages. After her treatment had ended, she thanked Laura and called her a chemo angel. The rest is history!

How does work?

It is a pretty simple concept. Volunteers support patients (and their families) by sending cards and well-wishes to patients undergoing IV chemo treatment. It is a tangible reminder they are not alone in the fight.

Volunteers can fill out an online application to be a Chemo Angel (send packages and notes), a Card Angel or a Prayer Angel. Volunteers receive detailed emails about the process and commitment, as well as helpful information about the individual they are partnered with.

What can a mom do to become an Angel?

As a mom with young children, provides a tangible way to impact lives in an ongoing way without having to figure out childcare – with the added bonus of your child seeing you care for a stranger. Check out their website for ways to donate your time and resources.

We love to tell the stories of people (especially moms!) making a difference, and is providing hope to cancer patients around the globe. We all have been touched by cancer in some way, as moms we can support and encourage a stranger who needs an angel for a season.

How has cancer impacted your life?