Christmas Craft: DIY Nativity Scene

Provided by: Colorado Christian University

Are you looking for some quality time with your kiddos this Christmas season? MOPS and Colorado Christian University are teaming up to give you a Christmas craft to fill your home with joy and wonder – your own homemade nativity scene! A nativity scene is the representation of the birth of Jesus Christ. We see who was present and where the birth took place. The nativity is a great conversation starter with your family about why we celebrate Christmas. This seven-step DIY nativity scene from Premeditated Leftovers will encourage meaningful family time and help your kids engage with their faith in an interactive way!

  • 3 Terra Cotta Flower Pots – 2 Large and 1 Small
  • 3 Wooden Doll Heads – 2 Large and 1 Small
  • Felt (Consider three different colors of felt for Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus.)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Pencil
  • Twine

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Prep

Plug in your hot glue and allow it to heat on a heat-safe surface. While your hot glue gun is warming, lay out all of your supplies.

  1. Mary and Joseph

To make your Mary and Joseph figurines, turn your two large flower pots upside down; the rim and the opening should be face down. Using your hot glue gun, apply a large filled circle of glue to the flower pot’s center point of the flattop. Place the large wooden head atop the glue. Press the head into the glue to ensure a strong bond. Repeat this step for the second large pot and the second large wooden head. Set these aside to cool and dry.

  1. Baby Jesus

Using your scissors and felt, cut a 2” x 4” strip of felt. Taking the strip and your glue gun, apply a few small dots of hot glue to the strip’s center and press the small wooden head to the glue dots. Wrap the excess felt around the wooden head to create a blanket-like effect. Place another few drops of the glue inside your small flower pot (pot right side up), and place the baby Jesus figure in the pot. This will be your manger.

  1. Mary and Joseph’s Robes

Now that the glue between your large wooden heads and large flower pots has cooled, use your scissors to cut (2) different colored 3” x 5” felt strips. You can make these strips larger or smaller than our suggested size to accommodate different size pots. Make them large enough to fit around the wooden doll head and half of the pot. Affix your felt strip to the top of the wooden doll head using a sensible amount of hot glue and wrap the excess fabric around the “front” of your flower pot to mimic robes. Repeat this step for your other figurine.

  1. Twine

Twine time! Use your scissors to cut two pieces of twine, each enough to wrap around Mary and Joseph’s doll heads with a little excess to ensure a good knot. Tie your twine strand on top of the felt layer between the pot and the wooden head segments to act as a robe tie. If needed, you can secure the twine with hot glue. Repeat this step for your other figurine.

  1. Display

Put your new nativity scene on display in a special spot your house. Consider reading the nativity story from Luke 2: 1-21 together and discussing our Savior’s miraculous birth.

Colorado Christian University and MOPS wish you a Christmas season filled with awe and grateful hearts for the gift of all gifts, Jesus!