Daily Exercises for Pregnant and Postpartum Moms

Samantha Costello

We’re starting Week 2 on our easy daily exercises you can do at home. Our friend, Samantha Costello, customized these workouts for pregnant and postpartum mamas, because it’s so important for them to take good care of themselves, especially during this time. Try these – they’ll just take 10-15 minutes each day – to help keep your blood flowing and spirits high. You don’t need to be pregnant to use these exercises. Let’s do this together, Mamas! #CoreFitQuarantineChallenge


  1. Core pelvic tilts, Tighten core, and press back firmly on the ground holding for a 2 count and then release. Repeat.
  2. All four glute kicks backs, with or without weight 
  3. Clam shells, with or without band
  4. Standing knee ins, with or without weight


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Samantha Costello is the Founder and CEO of Core Fit LLC. She is certified in corrective exercise and is a fitness nutrition specialist certified through NASM. She regularly works with pre and post natal clients.