Date Night with Your Kiddos 

MOPS Content Team

Connecting with our kids is so important. A date night with your kiddos is an excellent way to invest in your child and strengthen your relationship.

Dinner and a Movie 

This is a tried-and-true date night idea but this time, make it with your child instead of your significant other! Let your child pick both the dinner spot and the film and watch their eyes light up at the chance to be in charge of the evening. Make sure to take some time to have meaningful, screen-free conversation at dinner and then dive into the movie together. Take the opportunity to continue connecting with your child after the film by asking them questions about the movie and sharing your favorite parts as well.  


Why not have a sleepover with your kid? Pull out the trundle bed, blow up the air mattress, or roll out the sleeping bag because Mama is sleeping over tonight! Join your son or daughter in their room and spend some time  together before falling asleep. You can paint your daughter’s nails, play a hand-held video game with your son, read books, play a board game or simply chat about their favorite topic. All of the basic sleepover rules apply here so make sure you include some good snacks, and pillow talk by flashlight. Top your sleepover off with a fun treat for breakfast the next morning.  

Fancy Dinner (But make it kid friendly!) 

Get dressed up, set out the nice dishes, light the candles and place flowers on the table… and then serve up some frozen chicken nuggets or macaroni and cheese. This dinner will make you and your kids feel like it’s fancy without all the cost and pressure of  fine dining. Make sure to take some time to indulge in quality conversation and then, when dinner is done, turn on some music and have a dance party in those fancy clothes!   

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