DAY 5: Easy Daily Exercises You Can Do at Home

Samantha Costello

If you’ve followed these exercises all week, great job for knocking them all out! Remember, it’s so important that we take care of ourselves. Make sure to keep referring to these exercises throughout your time spent at home and add your kids, spouse or even friends remotely.  Keep on moving #MOPSMamas!

Day 5 Workout:

Do each exercise for 1 minute and repeat the whole series 3 time. Just 12 minutes total, so everyone can do this!

  1. Glute kickbacks
  2. Lateral shoulder raise with pulse
  3. Goblet squat with pulse
  4. Shoelace reaches

Do the daily workout, then share a picture on social media and tag @mops_international and #MOPSMamasMovin so we can see you sweat and cheer you on!

Tag a friend to do this with!

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For more great resources like these, go to the MOPS International Facebook page.


Samantha Costello is the Founder and CEO of Core Fit LLC. She is certified in corrective exercise and is a fitness nutrition specialist certified through NASM. She regularly works with pre and post natal clients.