Dear God …

Bunmi Laditan

Dear God, 

In a time when people are more polarized  
than I’ve ever seen,  
hating their neighbors,  
vilifying family members,  
help me model love.  
Help my child to resist fear of humans  
whose hearts pump the same blood,  
beat to the same rhythm,  
and whose souls also yearn for peace.  

Help us remember that,  
No matter the philosophies and  
we all bear your holy fingerprints.  

Love, Me  

Raised by Nigerian immigrants, Bunmi Laditan is an award-winning, Webby-nominated writer from California who lives in Quebec, Canada, with her family. She has contributed to the New York Times, Parenting and the Huffington Post and is best known for the satirical, viral Twitter account, Honest Toddler. Bunmi’s latest book is “Help Me, God, I’m a Parent: Honest Prayers for Hectic Days and Endless Nights.”  You can connect with Bunmi on Instragram at @honesttoddler   and through her website,

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