DIY Advent Calendar

Mikkee Hall

I love this time of year. There are so many fun traditions, and the Advent calendar is one of my personal favorites. It embodies the sense of anticipation, hope and wonder of the Christmas season.

It is hard to believe Advent begins in two weeks, and this year I wanted to do something more meaningful than the chocolate calendar countdown. So, I took to Pinterest for inspiration and combined a few ideas to create a decorative wall-hanging that will engage kiddos in why we celebrate Advent in the first place.

I took on this project with the help of a one, two, and three year old. It is a fun project to do with your children, but, word to the wise, be sure to prep as much as possible.


Spoiler alert– the kids will attempt to poke each other with the stick. This is inevitable.

4. Tie on your strands.

""Take all of your fun decorations and tie them on your strands in a variety of places and heights. Preschoolers have a tendency to be clumpers, so either embrace the clumping or tie on the pieces yourself. Engage your toddler and preschooler by having them select the decoration and point to the strand they want it attached to.

6. Decorate the cards (optional).


Hang it in a place where it is visible to the family. You can add string or twine and hang it. Or you can hang it by the stick with nails or hooks.

I got my inspiration from Pinterest and a friend’s idea of doing family service projects for Advent.

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