DIY Wonder Dome

Erica Krysl

We are re-imagining one of our favorite childhood trinkets: the snow globe. We love the idea of being able to change out the display depending on the season or the aesthetic of a room.


  • Wooden round/wooden coaster
  • Dome-shaped glass (stemless wine glasses work best)
  • Small trinkets to display
  • Pencil
  • A wood burning tool (This project can be completed without wood burning– skip to direction number four.)
  • A little imagination


diy-wonder-dome-2-resized     diy-wonder-dome-3-resized


  1. Begin heating your wood burning tool so it is hot enough to use. (Make sure to use a rounded tip.)
  2. Center your glass over the piece of wood. Trace around the glass with a pencil.
  3. Working on the inner-edge of the line you traced, slowly begin to burn the wood to create a groove for the glass to sit in. As you create the groove, periodically place the glass over the area to make sure the groove will hold the glass. Go over the area a few times to make the groove deep enough to hold the glass.
  4. Decide what you would like to display under the dome – be it jewelry, a seasonal trinket or a Matchbox car.
  5. Put the item(s) on the wooden round and place the glass over the top.
  6. Place your Wonder Dome somewhere special.


diy-wonder-dome-5-resized     diy-wonder-dome-6-resized     






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