Dressing for a Summer Date Night

Ashley Lundgren

Summer is a great time to keep your outfits casual but on a date with your husband don’t forget to keep him wowed!

The maxi dress is an easy way to stay comfy and appear adorable during the warm days but it can also double for a fantastic evening look! Grab a fantastic necklace to dress up for date night.

Try a shorter skirt … it can be worn on a night without kids! Make sure the waist of your skirt hits the smallest part of your midsection: grab a flattering top, tuck and go.

Leave the flip flops at home for your evening out.

Instead, look adorable in strappy sandals, kitten heels or a peep-toe wedge!

The only time you will ever need a great little bag is when you don’t have the kiddos’ snacks and diapers to pack, so take advantage of the light-weight clutch for an evening out. You will look chic and put together.


Wear those dangle earrings the babies tend to pull on in order to look glamorous and feel confident for that special night out with your guy.

Growing up in a small northern Minnesota town, Ashley Lundgren has always had one very unique gift, helping others find great style! Along her journey she attended Crown College and completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising through Westwood College of Colorado. During this time, she met and married a wonderful business owner, Dane Lundgren, They currently they have two darling children, a daughter and infant son! You can follow Ashley on Instagram and YouTube or visit her at ashleylundgren.com.