Every. Single. Day.

Mary Ritter

Work. Somedays seem like it comes so easy, others, well not so much. Or at all. I don’t know about you, but for me that’s the way things seem to go, especially with two very rambunctious girls ages 4 and 6. Some days I wake up ready and feeling like I can conquer the world, (well dishes and keeping the girls alive), others, well, getting out of bed is a task.

See I have extra work I put in, just to be mobile, I have one full leg and 1 partially removed one. Why not wear a prosthetic? Well, I do, when I’m not still healing from a surgery or a skin irritated spot that had to heal. Yet I don’t have a choice, and most days I don’t have help. I’m also a single parent to these precious busy two.

How? When? Why? What?

People wonder and even sometimes ask. Many don’t, they just either stare or simply give a pity look or nod.

But all of those questions don’t matter, as far as my leg, what matters are these girls. My dearest oldest daughter has such a sweet loving sensitive spirit, yet she can be the most challenging and headstrong at times. Yet this little 6 year old, is such a gift to me; she assists me. She pushes me to try harder and to get out of bed every day for them.

I have suffered from depression my entire life, yet once these two little beauties were born I was given a responsibility to live and breathe as their source for love and life. Depression is still a daily part of my life, along with medication and struggle, but I know that I have it better than some and I am grateful for that.

Days like today, when the entire day has been a struggle to not lose my mind and curl into a sobbing ball, simple things like them climbing into their beds and going to sleep without a fight, I know I am so blessed.

Is motherhood work? Every. Single. Day.

Is motherhood worth the work you put in?

I believe it is.

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Mary Ritter is the 31-year-old single mother of two beautiful daughters. She enjoys her houseplants, watching her girls explore, and discovering new things (and homemade soaps). Mary became an amputee in 2016 and is continually learning how to live life and be a mother to her girls. She’s dreamed of being a writer for most of her life and is currently pursuing her college degree. Reach out to Mary at owlchica1986@gmail.com or find her on Facebook at MariaRitter86.