Fall and Winter Call for Submissions

Hello Dearest

Could it be possible that we don’t need new things but rather new eyes to see what we already have? What if we regained our sense of vision, an acute resolve to find hope in the cracks and mire of the mundane? Noticing what is good, gives us the gift of perspective and reminds us that the sacred is closer than we think.

In our Winter 2016 magazine we will be tackling the topic of noticing goodness in our lives. Join your voice and share!

  • What happened when I stopped critiquing everything and instead took an inventory of the good things
  • 5 Everyday Moments of Goodness I Had Forgotten to NoticeTaking time to look up
  • 6 Distractions that Keep Me from Noticing Goodness
  • 4 Good Things in My Kids I Would Have Missed if I Didn’t Slow Down to Take Notice
  • 6 Ways to Call Out Goodness in Others
  • 4 Ways Noticing Goodness Changed Me
  • 3 Steps to Making Noticing Goodness a Habit
  • The Biggest Way Noticing Goodness Makes Me Vulnerable

We are going to be covering the holidays and family this winter on the blog and are looking for submissions. How do we enjoy instead of endure the holidays is a topic we want to delve into, and we want to hear from you!

  • Time management & priorities
  • Focusing on family traditions that provide meaning and family identity
  • Finding space to celebrate lavishly during the holidays, considering motivations for celebrating
  • How can you embrace rest during this holiday season?
  • What goodness goes unnoticed during the holidays?
  • When celebration is hard
  • Celebrating what is and not what it “should be”
  • How to not miss your holidays
  • Celebrating each family member for who they are, celebrating differences
  • Belonging
  • MIL issues
  • Creating a family identity
  • Navigating tough family relationships
  • Family isn’t just blood family
  • Stories of family hilarity

Submission deadline – September 22, 2015

How to Submit

To add your voice to the conversation, send your submission to content@MOPS.org.

Submission Information

For more information about the tone of our materials and our submission process go to www.mops.org/writers-guidelines (Insider hint: We take these very seriously, so it’s important you take a peek before submitting.)

Submission Process

Just so you know, all articles are received on speculation. We will respond to all submissions when they are received to confirm submission with the submission agreement. If your article is selected for publishing, we will email you in advance with the date we will be publishing and the permalink for your records.

And Since You Always Ask

Yes, you may send material that has been previously posted. Just make sure it meets our editorial needs first. Because, again, we take those pretty seriously.

What about General Content?

Yes, we certainly accept general articles about parenting, mothering and woman-related issues. In fact, we’re always up for a good tear-jerker or one of those stories that gets us laughing. We welcome those submissions through the same submissions process, but we should tell you up front that since we’re a theme-based magazine, we only publish a few.