Gathering Together

Mikkee Hall

When Jules Weidman moved to rural Michigan, a family friend encouraged her to visit a new MOPS group, which happened to meet right across the street from her home. Her past experience at MOPS had been great, but there was something different about her new MOPS experience — the moms made an effort to get involved beyond the meeting.

When her group almost had to stop meeting, Jules was one of the moms to step up and join the Leadership Team. She knew moms needed MOPS, but had no idea how much their community would need MOPS in the coming months.

Jules’ close friend, the Coordinator for the group, stepped down when her young son was diagnosed with cancer. The women rallied around the family, spearheading a fundraiser selling bracelets (it went global!) to help support the family’s expenses. They stepped in with meals and calls and childcare and, most importantly, by being present. They knew this was more than just a few meals for a family; it was standing alongside their friend and fellow mom as she faced her most difficult moments.

Less than a month after standing with their friend at her son’s graveside, another MOPS mom in their group faced gut-wrenching tragedy with the loss of her infant daughter. Her death was sudden, but the MOPS group jumped in to help in every way they could: They cried with their grieving friend. They helped with funeral expenses. They provided food and took trips to Walmart. They stood with her at her daughter’s funeral.""

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What tangible ways have you felt loved in a moment of crisis?