Get Ready to Walk Tall Into Fall

MOPS Staff

We hope you’re soaking up the last dog days of summer because the winds of change will usher in a new school year just a few short weeks from now. And when they do, you’ll thank your August self for engaging in some end-of-summer sorting and strategizing. So, before the pools close, take one last dive into the four areas that will likely need to change along with the season.  

Your clothes: Start making lists of what staples everyone will need for the fall. Clear out summer’s closet clutter and aim for simple, standard pieces. Leave room to add accessories and seasonal trends once the year gets going. Kids need comfortable basics, and so do you. Don’t let complicated clothes distract you from your focused fresh start.  

Your food: Now is your time to finish up the stale summer snacks, and start planning for lunches on-the-go and low-prep dinners. Take inventory of your recent family dining habits, and decide if more meal planning in your kitchen might benefit you. Look for ways you can involve your family so the fall refueling doesn’t always fall on you!  

Your space: If you start decluttering and vision-boarding while you’re still in summer mode, your family’s transition next month will feel inspired by a life coach and personal organizer, but you’ll get all the credit. Schedule time with each kiddo this month to create or refresh their homework space. Chat goals and affirmations, and browse calendars and planners together to find the perfect one. Post some quotes or a collage for inspiration, and you’re on your way!  

Your mind: Change can be exciting and full of potential, or change can be scary and provoke anxiety. You have the opportunity to help shape the mindset for your family. Start using affirming phrases and truths specific to the strengths of each person so that by the time the new routine hits, your loved ones will have their identity in Christ be their loudest mental messaging.  

Send your kids to school with more than just fresh glue sticks and notebooks. Give them the gift of renewed purpose and a fresh start with plenty of room for new good things. Buildings are finally open, and whether it’s the hallways of school for your kids or an office for you or your spouse, we want your family to walk in power, tall with confidence. Because you are taking steps that have been ordered by God, and you are needed wherever you go. 

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