Goodness You Can See: Five Organic Eating Tips from Happy Family Superfoods

Shazi Visram

“Today’s parents seek clarity and transparency in their purchases for baby, especially when it comes to food. We’re proud to share our product details from start to finish.” – Shazi Visram, CEO, Founder and Chief Mom, Happy Family.

When it comes to caring for your baby, transparency is essential. Here are five great ways you can feel good about the food choices you make for your family.

Choose transparency.  Become a label reader and choose products you can see to be organic and nutritious. Happy Family has just launched Clearly Crafted the first see-through baby food pouches. There are no secrets in the all new Clearly Crafted pouches. Not only are the pouches clear, the recipe for each pouch is on the package. 

Be Confident.  Be confident that you are making the right choices for your family. Happy Family also partners with high quality organic farms and suppliers to find the best regions to source exceptional fruits and vegetables. The brand works with these partners to implement good agricultural practices, which includes environmental stewardship, traceability practices and sustainable innovation. Happy Family recently launched, a website where you can learn more about all the farms that produce the organic ingredients in their products.

Buy local organic produce. Whenever you can, choose organic produce, sourced locally. Not only does buying local support local family-owned farms, it is a simple step that helps build agricultural sustainability and ensures organic produce is available forever!  Buying local also means a lower carbon footprint as food is shipped shorter distances.

Pack your diaper bag with nourishing snacks for on-the-go. Happy Family’s entire line of pouches are shelf stable – meaning you can pack Clearly Crafted and Happy Tot Love My Veggies pouches in your diaper bag or a little one’s lunchbox without worrying about refrigeration. Stock up on dry snacks (try the Happy Baby Yogis with probiotics and Happy Baby Rice Cakes!).

And don’t forget about you! Good nutrition matters most in your baby’s first 1,000 days, which begins in pregnancy and lasts through their second birthday. During this vital window, what you eat and what you feed your baby sets up their wellness blueprint – laying the foundation for their health both mentally and physically. In addition to our infant, toddler and kid foods, the Happy Family HappyMama Prenatal product line provides delicious organic snacking options and important nutrients for mamas-to-be and their babies.

Learn more about mom-run Happy Family, our mission and values, check our allergy chart so you can see every product that is appropriate for your children, download our nutrition guides, and visit the Happy Farms that power our organic superfoods at

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