How to be a Curious Leader

Kelli Jordan

Leadership experts say that curiosity is one of the most important leadership qualities – its right up there with integrity and vision. Showing genuine curiosity about other people is the best way to strengthen relationships, whether it’s the relationship with your husband, others that live in your house or people in your neighborhood.

We are curious for several reasons:

    • We want to learn more. We like the trivia of life.
    • We want to improve something.
    • We want to connect with other people.

Curious leaders will:

Set aside what they think they know. Every now and then what we think we know gets in the way of our productivity and personal growth. A curious leader sincerely cares about where others have been and what they know. She knows that learning something new may challenge her beliefs or assumptions, and she’s willing to let that happen.

Foster a curious environment. Encourage those around you to ask questions and share their own ideas. Allow others the opportunity to get curious and search for solutions.

Be inwardly curious. Being externally curious makes you a good leader. You spend time focusing on those you serve alongside and the people you are serving together. But it is important to turn your curiosity inward every now and then. Be curious enough to answer a few questions about yourself.

    1. How curious are you? Rate yourself.
    2. Am I making a difference? Not “are you changing the world?” But are your actions, in your home and community, contributing to the betterment of those around you? If not, then you need to become curious about how to make some meaningful changes.
    3. Is my curiosity starting conversations? Is my lack or curiosity shutting them down?

Albert Einstein said, “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.” Passionate curiosity fosters collaboration, allows us to see alternatives and be fascinated by all the possibilities.

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Kelli Jordan HeadshotKelli Jordan is a mentor, mom and grandma from Lee’s Summit, Missouri. She believes that words, time and grace build great relationships and she is passionate about encouraging women to find and use their God-given gifts to change their world. Kelli is the Leadership Development Manager at MOPS International, loves to read and is always willing to join you for a glass of iced tea.