How to Fit in Exercise as a New Mom

Autumn Bonner

I’ve been in your shoes. You can hardly find time to take a shower and shave your legs. How are you supposed to fit exercise into your day as a new mom? The pressures in your first few months as a mom are overwhelming. And the broken sleep you are getting makes things even tougher to handle.

But all these reasons are exactly why you need to exercise in this crazy phase.

– For your sanity.

– To do something just for you.

– So you can be the best mom for your little one(s).

Although it definitely isn’t easy, there are some things you can do to find time to exercise. Here are a few simple tips to try this week!

1) Redefine your definition of a workout.

Before kids, your idea of a workout was probably driving to the gym, taking a spin class, lifting some weights, and then driving back home to shower and blow dry your hair. The whole affair probably took 2+ hours!

As moms, we simply don’t have that kind of time. The good news is you don’t have to find two hours a day for exercise. We just need to redefine what a workout looks like in these two ways:

– Exercise at Home: Embrace the idea of working out at home! It saves so much time to be able to exercise at hom,e and there are lots of great ideas for what to do for your workout (we will cover than in a bit).

– Quality over Quantity” With a focused, well-designed plan, you can get an awesome total body workout in just 30 minutes! That’s how long most of my workouts are these days, and I am thoroughly whooped by the end.

So there you have it. Your new definition of a workout is 30 minutes at home three or four days a week! Now that sounds a little more doable right? Now, let’s take a look at what to do for your workout.

2) Workout WITH your baby.

Bottom line, newborns are demanding! Since you will be working out at home, your workout will likely get interrupted by a diaper change, nursing or a fussy baby. Instead of giving up, just involve your baby in your workout! Here are two great ways to do that:

– Walk/Jog Outside: Put your little one(s) in the stroller or a carrier and head outside for a walk. The fresh air will bring good perspective for both of you. Once you get clearance from your doctor you can add in some jogging intervals as well. Here’s a sample workout for you to try!

1) Squat and Squeeze– With one foot on the step, lower into a squat with the weight in your heels. Keep your chest up and let the legs do the work. Rise up from the squat and step onto the step, lifting your outside leg up into a side glute squeeze. You will need to engage your abs to maintain your balance as you lift your leg. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat for 10 reps, then switch legs and do 10 reps on the other side. Rest and then repeat another set.

2) Tricep Dip– This move tackles the wiggly wave! Sit on a chair with your hands by your sides gripping the edge of the seat. With your feet flat on the floor move your hips away from the bench (keeping your butt near the edge). Bending your elbows back along your sides, lower down slowly, then press up to the starting position. Complete as many repetitions as you can in one minute, then rest and repeat for one more minute. Your little one provides some extra weight to challenge your triceps.

I hope these tips help as you take care of yourself during this busy season. Don’t forget to give yourself a little grace. Some days you might need a nap more than a workout! Give yourself permission to rest when you need, but don’t forget that a little exercise can help tremendously with your energy level. Here’s to a healthy, happy mom!

Autumn Bonner lives in San Diego with her surf-loving husband and sweet baby girl Sienna. She was blessed to grow up in an active family where she learned to love exercise and now works to empower other moms to live healthy lives and set an example for their kids through her online fitness program Tailored Fitness. You can connect with Autumn through the Tailored Fitness mobile app, blog, Facebook or Instagram.

What is your tip to feel your best after a new baby?