I’m a Florida girl living in the New Mexico desert. I got married and moved from sandy white beaches to mile high mountains five years ago and I am finally getting adjusted to all four seasons (because Florida has just one season – summer!).

Spring in New Mexico means lots of wind, the crazy kind of wind that blows lawn furniture down the street and makes good hair days totally impossible. The intense spring winds stir up dust and pollen. The pollen blows and irritates allergy sufferers, like myself, for weeks on end. And this season has brought with it the worst allergy symptoms I’ve ever experienced.

I had all the symptoms in an allergy commercial, including itchy eyes, congestion, fever, headaches and fatigue. After several weeks with no improvement from over the counter medicine and home remedies, I went to the doctor. He prescribed a nasal spray that would, hopefully, get me through the end of allergy season. Unfortunately, I had to wait longer than expected to get the prescription filled.

That same week I had been invited to a small group. Even though I was feeling wiped out due to a bad allergy attack earlier in the day, I still wanted to go. The group prayed for me to have relief from my allergies. I joined in their prayer silently. “Please just help me breathe,” I asked God.

“Breathe in My blessing; breathe out My grace,” He answered.

His response surprised me. We were just praying for allergy relief. Closing my eyes again, I felt God speak to my heart.

“Inhale My presence; exhale My goodness.”

I took a few deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling. Messaged received, Lord!

I tucked those words away in my heart to process them more thoroughly. The night ended with coffee and laughs and we said our goodbyes. A couple of days later, I had my prescription and gratefully some relief.

As the winds calmed and allergy season came to an end, God’s message became more real to me. Not only did I need to breathe better during the windy season, I needed new breath for the next season of my life.

God knew I needed a stronger spiritual prescription. Yes, he knows what we need before we even ask.

God gave me an encouraging word that night. He reminded me that all I need for this new season of life: blessing, wisdom, empowerment is available to me through the Holy Spirit. Now it’s my turn to respond to him, to be open and willing by breathing in his presence.

Are you entering a new season? Do you desire a deeper connection with God? If so, it might be time to fill a new prescription.

My new spiritual prescription is practicing God’s invitation to breathe in and breathe out. Here are three things we can do to respond to God when he calls us into a new season.


Read God’s word and let it soak into your soul. Start with five minutes a day. If a scripture speaks to your heart, write it down and meditate on it for a week.


Look for the things God is doing in your day-to-day life. And pray that God would help you to see the path he has set for you.


Be open to the plan God has for you and the people He has placed in your life. Introduce yourself to a new mom at MOPS, or invite a friend to join you at the next meeting. Take the initiative and invite others into your heart and home.

Inhale God’s presence each day, so you can exhale His goodness to those around you.

Breathe in; breathe out.

Inhale; exhale.


Audra Powers is a wife and a stay-at-home mom to her two young children in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She’s a writer, contributor for Albuquerque Moms Blog and Personal Trainer. You can follow her adventures in motherhood on Instagram @audrapowers.