Is Your Spring Senioritis Settling In? 

MOPS Staff

Are you suffering from a case of motherhood senioritis? Just like the warm weather lures seniors in high school away from the last of their studies, so might you be feeling the temptation to abandon your tedious tasks at hand for the promise of the next stage. What race do you need to finish strong this spring? We’re here with the Gatorade and hand towel to cheer you on to the next mile.  

Maybe you’re in the middle of potty training your toddler, or you’re tired of breaking up arguments between your hormonal teenagers. You might be a newborn mom, so sleep deprived you’re simply hoping to survive until summer. How can you and your family find that surge of strength you need to stay engaged this spring?  

Stretch and warm up: Set aside some time for Sunday evening prep sessions. Check in with each other and make sure you have all your materials ready for the new week. Get back to the basics by reviewing the calendar and taking inventory of your food needs, laundry situation, backpack contents, sports equipment. Try to handle anything that has fallen off your radar to avoid midweek frustrations.  

Change your pace: Try swapping duties to keep things fresh. If your kids are in the same tired squabbles, draw new territory lines with anything from chore charts to snack choices. If you usually take the kids to soccer, swap nights with your husband and take care of the dinner duties instead. Bring a kid to help you with grocery shopping, and stop for ice cream. Sometimes just a new take on the same responsibilities can help prevent that springtime stalemate.  

Pass the baton: Phone a friend, book a sitter, or plan something just for you. However you do it, ask for some much-needed help to clear a bit of room for the rejuvenation you need.  

Face forward: What are you working toward? Chat with your tired fifth grader about the privileges of middle school next year, or talk to your littlest one about some new recess game ideas. Give the pep talk about how summer days of swimming and sleeping are just around the corner.  

Over here at MOPS headquarters, we’re putting the finishing touches on next year’s theme, and our excitement for what’s coming next is partly thanks to the fruitful season we just had! That’s how we know you deserve to receive the medal for the race you’re running right now before you start the next thing. So we’ll be here all spring, reminding you to hydrate, pace yourself, and blast that power playlist to help you finish like the strong mama we know you are. 

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