Calls for Submissions – June Theme: FUN

The MOPS Team

Submissions Deadline: Friday, June 8

FUN. When was the last time you truly engaged in it? Whether it be organized play in the form of an adult sports league (or even just an organized game night) or impromptu play where your child beckons you outside and you find yourself lost in amusement and merriment? As an adult, fun no longer feels like a natural default, but good news, our kiddos are our best teachers! So, as the sun finally burns off the last of those gray skies and school schedules fall away with the homework assignments this summer, let’s embrace some playfulness and joy as we recapture FUN this season!

Topics to Consider:

  • Find the fun in the mundane and every day routine – where or what has been the most random place or activity that you found fun in (e.g. work commute, doctor’s waiting room, etc.)?
  • Share a fun practical joke or the funniest thing my child just said.
  • Send a short video (30 sec. or less) of singing your favorite silly song with your little(s).
  • These are our favorite fun things to eat in the summer.
  • It takes a village (uber village) especially when the school routine takes a break. Share who and how your village makes summer work.
  • Favorite date nights off the beaten path (marrieds and singles).
  • This is how I liberated myself and my kiddos from a schedule and how we’ve learned to embrace the moment.
  • Our house is the kid hub in the neighborhood – this is what I love about it.
  • My non-summer with my kids – a reflection from a mom who went back to work and doesn’t have summer off with her kiddos. Here’s how we keep it fun!
  • Share how you have fun as an adult – adult play, entertainment, games (human sling shot, potato gun).
  • This was the lesson that taught me how to stop taking myself too seriously and just have some fun.
  • This person (insert name here) brings out my playful side, or taught me how to play.
  • I’m type A and I still manage to have fun. Schedules, planned activities allow me to actually relax and enjoy fun with my family.
  • Must-have’s in your diaper bag for that road trip or plane ride.
  • My favorite childhood summer memory (tidbits – 1-2 sentences).
  • 4 Tips for keeping the peace amongst siblings for a long summer together.
  • Share a family summer tradition.

Specific pieces for June:

  • 2 posts for Father’s Day

Remember we accept the following submissions: written (word count 600-900, Word doc), video (less than 30 seconds), artwork.

How to Submit:

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