Laundry Made Easy{er}

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Hello, Darling…

Rachel scoured Pinterest to bring us the best of the best laundry tips.We can’t make the laundry disappear but these tips just might make laundry easy{er}.Happy laundering!

Wash your washing machine:
3 cups distilled white vinegar, run on hot without any laundry.

Sort your laundry:
Check out our Pinterest Board Housework Made Easy{er} for a plethora of permentant sorting solution ideas.

Un-stink stinky towels:
Here’s a link to the three different methods of removing that mildew smell from your towels.

Use a Cheat Sheet:
Here’s a link to the laundry cheat sheet we found on Pinterest!

One-size fits all stain remover:
1 part Dawn liquid dish soap + 1 part hydrogen peroxide