Effective prayer has been one of the strongest weapons against my own insecurities, against the accusatory voices around me, and against unjustly judging others. These three things can often put us in deep turmoil as mothers, and can cause us to train our children to do the same. Effective God-centered prayer will cause us to humble ourselves, submit to the Lord, and respond as He would to others who are in pain. As we are observing the status of our current climate and culture, this is the time for us to ask ourselves if we are responding as Christ would? Are we being Godly teachers to our children? Or are we being led by our own prejudices and biases? Are we representing the word of God accurately, or are we making it fit comfortably into our culture and worldview?  

We have all been shaken these last few months with the worldwide pandemic and the uprising of racial tension and ongoing injustices in our country. Whether we agree or disagree on what’s being said, the direction of movements both political and social, or the outcomes of what’s happening, I strongly encourage you to sit at the feet of the Father as his daughter; the Father who is in heaven, but also in our mama hearts and our current surroundings. Sit with Him in prayer and ask Him what your response should be? Ask Him how you can effectively and divinely teach your children to see and love people in this world who are different from them? Ask Him how can you support a neighbor, a friend, a mom who is hurting right now? Ask Him to cleanse your heart from any unjust thoughts or ways. The Bible tells us that the fervent, effective prayer of the righteous will avail much.

This is what the Lord Almighty says: “Consider now! Call for the wailing women to come; send for the most skillful of them.” – Jeremiah 9:17

This verse in Jeremiah talks about the skillful wailing women who will come to the Lord and pray for others, especially for their nation. Similarly, it seems as though the Lord is calling today to all the mourning women – the mothers, to come to Him earnestly in prayer for our communities, our children, and our nation; ridding ourselves of preconceived notions, accusations or self-righteousness. He is calling to us, as mothers, to teach our children how to pray in His instruction – more about His ways and less about our feelings. He is asking that our words and our actions match His heart.

As mamas, we are our children’s and family’s greatest intercessors. So, Mama, pray!



Dear Father,

We come before you, as mamas, from around the world, submitting our broken, confused, frustrated and lonely hearts to you; mend the brokenness, heal the hurt, and ease the pain. Strengthen and guide us as we mother our beautiful children. Show us how to train them up according to your heart and to their destinies that you have planned for them.

Father, we dedicate our children and families back into your hands. Shape us as you please, transform our evil ways, and renew our minds and hearts to be more like yours. Help us not to crucify people for their sins because you have already died for all; therefore keep us from putting anyone back on the cross. Because you have already told us that it is finished.

Father, please show us how to support one another absent of judgement and self-righteousness. We repent for being judgmental, prideful and rebellious against your Biblical instruction: love your neighbor as you love yourself. Show us how to love you and others unconditionally. Help us not to stand by while others are hurting, but empower us to be your extended hands, feet, mouth and ears. Create in us a clean heart with your Spirit. Show us how to effectively put your words into action within our social circles, communities and worldwide, so we can be world shakers who create Godly change for your Kingdom.

In Jesus name,



Sparkle J. Robinson is the president of sHE Speaks Prophetic Ministries. A ministry that teaches and preaches the uncompromised word of the Lord. Sparkle has been active in ministry for 17 years, and is an ordained Prophet under the leadership of Apostle Phillip Smith, Colorado Christian Fellowship in Aurora, Colorado. She has been married for 18 years and has two beautiful teenagers.