Calls for Submissions – May Theme: Breathe

Jinny Jordan Spotlight

Submissions Deadline: Wednesday, April 25

Breathe. Hands down, May is one of the busiest months (it makes December look like a cakewalk) for most moms and families. As we navigate graduations of all sorts (preschool, kindergarten, middle and high school), spring recitals and sports tournaments, Teacher Appreciation and finals, learning to breathe throughout May is the key to our survival. Let’s vow to breathe through the crazy so we can find ourselves smiling and, dare we say, thriving through this challenging season.

Topics to Consider:

  • Tidbits (1-2 sentences) – Share one of the funniest things you’ve heard come out of your mouth while talking to your child(ren): e.g. “Take the bucket off of your head and come to dinner.”
  • Tidbits (1-2 sentences) – List your favorite place where you like to catch your breath.
  • Survival vs. thriving – Share a season in your life where you learned to thrive even admidst survival-mode.
  • Breathing exercises to help restore pause to your life – Why holding our breath never works.
  • Share 4 ways you (somewhat successfully) navigate through the month of May.
  • Share 4 key things to do to make it through May.
  • The most meaningful and thrifty teacher appreciation gifts (store-bought or handcrafted).
  • Quickie dinners or healthy snacks for when you’re on the run (video or short and easy recipes).
  • Temper tantrums 101 – Mama tips for diffusing and/or recovering from them.
  • Describe an extremely difficult situation where you decided to just breathe through it rather than try to control it.
  • “Laugher through tears is my favorite emotion” (Steel Magnolias). Describe a specific situation when this was the case.
  • My top 4 tips to getting ready in 15 minutes or less.

Specific pieces for May Awareness:

  • 2-4 posts (video, written piece, artwork, etc.) from Asian Pacific women – reflections on Asian Pacific Heritage
  • 1 post for Mother’s Day
  • 1 post for Memorial Day
  • 1 post for National Foster Care
  • 1 post for Mental Health Awareness – depression/anxiety/postpartum depression

Remember we accept the following submissions: written (word count 600-900, Word doc), video (less than 30 seconds), artwork.

How to Submit:

Send us your submission at

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Submission Process

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And Since You Always Ask

The MOPS Blog does post previously published or posted material. Just make sure it meets our editorial needs first. Because, again, we take those pretty seriously.

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