Meetings 101, Part 2: Tips for Attending

The MOPS Team

Meetings are a gathering of two or more people who come together to accomplish what one person cannot. Meetings help create a team atmosphere and cultivate collaboration. At some point in your life, you will be asked to attend a meeting. Sometimes meetings get a bad rap, but good planning can turn all that around!

Here are some tips for attending the meeting:

  1. Know the expectations. Is this a one-time meeting or are you serving on a team that includes regularly scheduled meeting? Know ahead of time what the meetings look like and be committed to attending.
  2. Everybody is busy. Respect the leader and the others on your team and be on time. Better yet, be five minutes early. If every meeting falls at a time that is difficult for you, talk to the leader. Be flexible and be committed.
  3. Put away the things that will distract you and concentrate on the topic at hand.
  4. Be willing to compromise or at least reach a consensus. (A consensus means you may not all agree, but you’ve settled on something that everyone can support.)
  5. Keep things confidential.
  6. Submit ideas ahead of time. If you have issues you’d like to discuss or something to share, let your leader know ahead of time and be prepared to share.
  7. Make a plan to follow up, follow through and encourage others on the team.

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