I’m a mommy of three
Stop staring at me
Yes I know
That I’m still wearing jammies
My big kids, they fight
Baby won’t sleep at night
I may need to hire some nannies

Day 3 of messy bun
Dishes aren’t done
And Mount Laundry is 3 miles high
One of them’s teething
One’s scab is bleeding
And one keeps asking me “why.”

I’m a mommy of three
So stop staring at me
I know we arrived kind of late
With 3 car seats to clip
And cold coffee to sip
I’m sorry for making you wait

One kid was sad
He said breakfast was bad
And the other kid dropped his whole plate
I had 60 nails to cut
And groceries to pick up
But at least we made the play date!

I’m a mommy of 3
Stop staring at me
I know my necklace is made of macaroni
At the grocery store
My children are bored
And are there nitrates in that bologna?

I will read the book
I’ve just got dinner to cook
But I promise it’s almost done
Then one sleeping child
And two that are wild
Let’s try to make bedtime fun

I’m a mommy of three
Stop staring at me
I know I look flushed in the face
My kids like to run
And I swear I just won
When they challenged me to a race

We played in the mud
(There’s some smeared in the rug)
And one of them has a loose tooth!
One’s learning to walk
One loves to talk
I cherish this time in their youth

I’m a mommy of three
Stop staring at me
I know there’s a stain on my shirt
My kids like to play
Outside all day
So I can’t be afraid of some dirt

Zip up jackets, it’s chilly
My kids are so silly
Then it’s time for homeschool lesson plans
With floors to scrub
And children to hug
My heart is more full than my hands.

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B. Ashtyn Moyle lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three sons. She is a homeschooling mother and is a member of MOPS. She serves as a DGL as well as on the leadership team for MOPS Kids.