A MOPS Story: the Invitation

Amanda Lamb

Jesus – he was with me all along. A relenting love that was pursuing me my whole life; I just needed to look up and see that it was him.

My story starts about 10 years ago. A young woman entering the unknown journey of motherhood. My life seemed semi-normal: I was in a relationship with the father of my child and I had a good job and a loving support system of friends and family. This new chapter of my life was filled with happiness and new beginnings, but in my heart of hearts I felt like something was lacking.

In the midst of my transition into motherhood, I met another mom in my apartment complex. Her beautiful smile and bubbly personality was nothing short of captivating, and she happened to be in the exact same stage in life as me. Her baby boy was just weeks younger than mine. We had much to talk about, but I never expected that meeting her would change the course of my life forever. She offered me a simple invitation to a MOPS group.

What was MOPS? With exhaustion in my eyes and spit-up on my shirt, my sweet neighbor asked if I would like to join her at MOPS. A group of new moms weathering the same sleepless nights? Without any hesitation, I jumped on board. Each week at MOPS brought me closer to a peaceful sense of self, but as a woman who didn’t know Jesus I had so many questions. My heart yearned for answers and with each speaker and meeting, I leaned in a little closer. The women in my group never pushed, but always encouraged me without judgment. (Something I had never experienced before.) Could knowing Jesus give this much peace over my life? Yes! Yes it could.

During one particular MOPS meeting, I found myself crying in the bathroom. That day, the speaker spoke about her marriage and how God had walked alongside her through some very difficult times. I wondered if God would intervene like that in my life, too, but I just couldn’t verbalize my emotions. I broke down. As I stood in the bathroom staring at my tear-stricken face in the mirror, I saw my MOPS mentor peek in. She knew I was struggling. She graciously approached me, gave me a hug and asked what she could do to help. I rambled on about what troubled my heart and the desperate void I felt in my life. But in that moment God made himself known. She said with a tender heart and conviction in her voice: “Would you like to accept Jesus into your heart?”

I looked at her with more confusion and replied, “I think so!” At that moment, I knew with more certainty than anything I’d ever committed to before that I really wanted Jesus. And then she prayed for me. I felt showered with Jesus’ unwavering love and with that each friend from my table trickled in one by one to pray with me. The overwhelming love of Jesus had been lived out for me. My eyes were opened and I knew I would never be the same. Jesus – the rescuer of my soul.

Today, my family and I are members of a great church where we attend weekly. Also, I am on my MOPS leadership team and I continue to grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus and my community. Although life will never be perfect, knowing Jesus fills my days with great joy by simply living the beautiful life that he’s given to me.


Amanda Lamb is married to Mark and they have three rambunctious boys: Mason (10), Hudson (8), Evan (5). Amanda enjoys solitude, an extra large glass of wine (preferably white, but she’ll take whatever she can get her hands on), and long walks through the aisles of Target. She loves spending time with her family and traveling, and she is looking forward to running her first full marathon in May.