Motherhood and Career

Lacey Meyerhoff

On November 2, 2017, my new identity as a mother formed when I gave birth to my baby girl. Suddenly, all of my maternal instincts from within unleashed care and compassion onto this beautiful creature. Instantly, she had become the center of my world and, in that moment, so many of my former desires and ambitions began to fade into the background. Motherhood had become my utmost call and my highest priority.

Soon the days filled with feedings, diaper changes, story times, nursery rhymes and lullabies. I loved my new role as a mom and I had more fun than even expected. In the midst of this busy new season, I pushed aside my identity as a career woman and began to pour myself into the identity of devoted mommy. I was happy, but my career dreams still lingered and reminded me of my hopes for the future.

As I prepared to return to work – a job that I loved and cherished – I felt so conflicted. Would pursuing my career mean sacrificing my family? Would making this choice be honoring to God?

I chose to trust God to use me both at work and home for his glory. I prayed that he would give me the capacity to do both well and to maximize my time and productivity. Could it be done? I wasn’t sure, but I was committed to try it and keep the faith that God was in control. I felt he was calling me to work outside of the home.

Society seems to tell women that we can’t have both: motherhood and career. Our culture sends a message that in order to be great mothers, we must exclusively be devoted to our families. Many times, motherhood and career are positioned in opposition of each other: working moms feel the shame and guilt of missing out on their children’s lives, stay-at-home moms feel the burden of leaving behind their vocational dreams.

I am a mother and it is a wonderful blessing and responsibility, but motherhood is not my only calling. I am called as a disciple of Jesus and to go forth and make disciples. I desire to live a life worthy of this calling and to invest my talents into building the kingdom – both at home and in the workplace. In this endeavor, Jesus reminds me: Surely, He is with me until the very end of the age. It frees me from feeling guilty for pursuing my career aspirations, and leaves me with assuredness that he can use me both at home and in the workplace.

God has a unique plan and purpose for every mother. When we shed the layers of guilt, shame and doubt that surround the concept of motherhood and career, we begin to lean into God’s calling for each one of us and discover his great plan for each of us.

Where is God calling you and how does he want you to use your gifts and talents? I invite you to explore this question with one of CCU’s enrollment counselors and learn how you can fit school into your already crazy mom schedule. I recently completed my master’s degree through Colorado Christian University Online. This transformed me into a better leader, mother, wife and disciple of Jesus.


Lacey Meyerhoff is an Enrollment Director at Colorado Christian University, where she loves helping adults pursue their calling and their passions through education. She and her husband live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with their baby girl and golden retriever.