More Motherhood Hi’s and Lo’s

The MOPS Team

There are endless joys to motherhood, but let’s admit it, our days are filled with a myriad of rollercoaster mom wins and mom fails. It’s in sharing those sweet hi’s and lo’s of momming where we can collectively laugh (and cry), reminding ourselves we’re in this together and that it’s truly a privilege to raise our littles!

Hi: Roadtripped fairly peacefuly 24 hours to see family (Nebraska to Oregon).

Lo: Two of the kids said they were going to go find a new family … more than once.

– Stefanie

Hi: Before bedtime, hearing my 4-year-old whisper in my ear, “I love you, Mommy.”

Lo: Next, hearing him say, “I have to go poo poo really bad. Can you come wipe me?”

– Hannah

Hi: My 2-year-old has a new hobby helping water outdoor plants by using a water spray bottle.

Lo: After running inside for just a second, upon my return he had watered his little brother’s hair and face with several sprays.

– Kennan

Hi: My 3-year-old son only needed Doritos to make spring break amazing.

Lo: The tasty hot donuts we bought for the kids contained way too much sugar.

– Isabel

Hi: We left the house.

Lo: Two out of three kids did not have shoes on when we got to school.

– Jemmie