Notice Goodness

Jackie Alvarez

I know goodness is abundant. I know goodness is freely given. But if you were to ask me today about the goodness that surrounds me, my list would fall short of reality.

Instead, I can identify in lists worthy of scrolls what is wrong with … everything. I have fallen into this pattern of consuming life as though I were asked to critique every detail. I find what could be better, what I don’t agree with, what has to be done, and what I would change. I carry around these disapprovals and consider them warranted, declaring that I’m “looking for opportunities for growth.” Outwardly, I dump negativity on those around me. Inwardly, I find my heart and soul weary and jaded.

My heart is out of tune with goodness.

If I can be truthful here, I wish goodness would notice me. I want to be called out and acknowledged for the good things I contribute. I want to be told I deserve good things. I long deeply for goodness to knock me off my feet and set my equilibrium right.

My fear: What if it already has? What if there is goodness surrounding me every day and I miss it?

The bright white of snow is a symbol of a fresh start, a slate being wiped clean. The natural world is still, hibernating. This winter, I intend to embrace the pause of the world to calm my inner critic, and instead open my eyes to notice the goodness I know is abundant.

This is an open invitation for those whose hearts aren’t in tune with the goodness in the world and all around them. Join us this season by capturing photos and sharing goodness through #noticegoodness or send us a message with your stories of goodness.

May your eyes be opened to see faces, colors and life anew. May words and laughter and questions renew your sense of wonder. May hugs, snuggles, kisses and playtime feel warm to the touch.

Share Your Goodness

Each week we’ll journey together to find eyes to see, re-focusing our hearts and minds around the goodness that’s gone unnoticed in our lives.

The first topic we’ll explore together is Family. What goodness do you notice in your family? Jump onInstagram or Facebook to tag your photos this week to #noticegoodness and @mopsinternational and we’ll share our favorites throughout the week. Let’s find hope in the cracks and mire of the mundane by #noticinggoodness around us.

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