Real Leaders: Baby Steps

Jennifer Iverson

Stepping into Leadership doesn’t have to be a big thing. It can be small baby steps like these Leaders:

I arrived early to just help set up.  – Amy, WA

I left time to stay afterward and help clean up.  – Heather, WA

One of our leaders couldn’t be there one day, so I offered to be a substitute. – Stacey, TX

I volunteered to help with some service projects.  – Jillian, OK

One day, I just asked if the Leaders needed any help.  – Katrina, MI

I needed friends, so I just invited others to join me at the park.  – Kate, CO

I would hold the door for others arriving and greet them with a smile.  – Racquel, CA

I started helping to our Team keep track of expenses.  – Rebecca, ID

Consider one or two baby steps you could take this week. If you are a Leader looking for others to join you, is there something small you could ask someone to help with?

Jennifer Iverson is the Leadership Content Coordinator at MOPS International. She is an organizer of things and people which also comes in handy as the mother of six children. Jennifer and her husband, Mike, live in central Pennsylvania where you can always find a warm cup of coffee brewing.